Modern Facilities for High-Quality Production

J.T. Shannon Lumber Company offers the quality hardwood lumber our customers expect, with expert service and timely, dependable delivery. Our location in the distribution center of the U.S., Memphis, Tennessee, ideally positions us to deliver a wide variety of high-quality Southern and Appalachian hardwoods with flexible and competitive shipping rates and options. Ask about our export packaging for overseas shipments.

Few hardwood species have seen the recent popularity and consumer applications of rich and durable Walnut. Shannon Lumber offers an abundant supply of Walnut with an additional plus for customers—width sorting. Having shipments sorted by specific width eliminates time spent by the customer in sorting and money lost in finding applications for odd widths. Other hardwood species are also ripped to width requirements for customers realizing the benefit of such added value.

Not only does Shannon offer width sorting, but also a color sort of the popular Ash, Hickory, Poplar and Red Oak species. Steamed lumber is of consistent color as well due to 80,000 feet of steamer capacity at the Memphis operation.

Precise product measurements obtained from picture tallying equipment assures customers of accurate pricing, order fulfillment and a tangible record of the product delivered. Customer needs are paramount with Shannon. Knowing maximum loads are of great benefit to the customer, we recently installed state-of-the-art scales to optimize product transportation and delivery.

Receiving departments across the United States and abroad praise the packaging and appearance of the Shannon product when received. Below the appealing surface presentation is an even greater advantage of buying from Shannon Lumber. Each hardwood board is the exact grade requested by the customer, discriminately selected for the customer by an experienced and qualified NHLA certified Inspector.